Hello there and welcome to my blog! My name is Carly aka creator of All the Gloss – a place where I bring you my thoughts on all things beauty and lifestyle.

I’m your average 20-something year old, probably a bit of a weirdo to some, and ever since I could hold a pen I have loved to write stories. Since then, I have become a journalism graduate and my work has featured on Healthista.com, The Daily Mail Online, Heat.com and The Sun Online.

I am a self-proclaimed reality TV and crime documentary binge watcher, make-up obsessive, trainer and shoe collector and if you give me a bag of sweet chilli Sensations then you will probably make my day.

I’m a true Aries – independent, generous, impulsive and observant with a little side of shyness and a tendency to be reserved and quiet (until you really get to know me, then I won’t shut up). I hope that through this blog I can express myself to the fullest, help others and simply have a little fun!



Lots of love and lipgloss,