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The beauty of design

*This blogpost is a part of Design Blogger Competition organised by CGTrader

Wherever you are right now, whether it be in the office, your bedroom or on the commute home, I want you to look around and take in your surroundings. What do you see? Would it be cliché to say beauty?


​We’re living in an age where beauty is at the forefront of everything we do. From our sleek rose-gold iPhones to that fluffy mink pillow on the bed to our perfectly sculpted cheekbones – we like things to look nice and it goes without saying, we’re probably a generation that would pick beauty over practicality. I mean, just how many times has your Mum moaned at you for not taking a coat on that -10 degree night out?I like to think of it this way – beauty has it’s own designer, a primary and a secondary designer in fact. The primary being the designer of the actual object. For example – someone out there has created THATspecific pink lipstick shade or THAT specific candle holder because they liked it, because they thought it looked beautiful. Then there’s the secondary designer – the person who has then bought those exact objects and used them to create, style and design something that is beautiful to them. What I’m trying to say is, each and every one of us has our own style, our own understanding and our own interpretation of beauty and while we all may like and buy similar things, we’re also able to personalise them to make them our own.

Take makeup for instance. Since Ancient Egyptian times, women all over the world have been using similar products, sprinkling and splashing personalisation here and there, experimenting, expressing and enhancing their beauty, whether that be a ‘natural, no makeup’ look or the full on Met Gala works. Of course, since then, we’ve drastically evolved and makeup is so much more than just applying a bold, red lip because we’re feeling feisty. With a helping hand from technology we’ve now got ultra lightweight foundations, advanced formulas and applicators and genius apps that allow you to digitally try before you buy.

Nonetheless, some still scoff that there isn’t any more room for growth in the makeup industry, but we beg to differ.  Just a few years ago, Sarah Vickery, MD and a principal scientist for research and development at P&G Beauty told Refinery29 that we could definitely look forward to a time when women will be able to go up to a device, get their photo taken, and that device will match them to the product they should use. Sounds like a dream right?

Right. So much so that the consumer demand for tailored and personalised beauty products has increased massively. We’re begging to be that primary designer and more involved with the making of our makeup, to the extent where we’re literally out here matching lip colours to the shade of our nipples. 



But, low and behold, it seems like the makeup industry might just be hearing our mascara running cries, as within the last year or two we’ve seen the birth of many bespoke beauty brands. 

The first to pave the way are digital apps such as Flawless Makeup, Finding Ferdinand and MatchCo. Launching just last year Flawless Makeup allows you to find your favourite lipstick shade by snapping a pic of your desired colour before recommending the most suitable brand and product, and while Finding Ferdinand is pretty similar, it juuust took personalised lippys that one step further. The Finding Ferdinand app allows you to let your inner Kylie Jenner loose as you can mix and blend your favourite colours from a palette to create your ultimate custom made lipstick – you can even name it yourself! 

And for the foundation fanatics out there, don’t worry, MatchCo is here to answer your prayers. The MatchCo makeup app uses hyper-intelligent technology to create and blend a perfectly matched all-in-one foundation just for you. And to make it that little more authentic, the bottle comes personalised with your name and the date it was created. 

But while digital apps are helping us to come on leaps and bounds, this phenomenon isn’t just limited to your phone. Just last month, L’Oreal owned brand, Lancome, jumped on the bandwagon and launched the Le Teint Particulieur – aka ANOTHER custom made foundation for us to dabble in. It uses a facial scanner to calculate your skin tone before creating your very own foundation with optimum coverage, finish and hydration.  Cool right?

I think it’s safe to say customisation is the future for makeup, especially as it is now making it’s way in to drugstores. I can only predict that as technology and the digital world evolve, so will the freedom for consumers.  Not only does this restore the faith that there is in fact room for makeup to grow, but we can also look forward to a time where not one person’s makeup bag contains the same product. Welcome to the world of primary designers… call us the next generation of Estée Lauder?

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