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An A-Z of makeup tips

As if you couldn’t get enough of some handy beauty hacks! Here’s 26 makeup tips listed from A-Z, that are bound to help you out, one way or another. 
How you apply your makeup really makes all the difference in your final look. Investing in some makeup brushes or a beauty blender will not only make applying make up ten times easier, it will also ensure that your makeup look is flawless.Blend
Nobody likes foundation streak marks and unblended highlight and contour. Make sure you blend your make up outwards and upwards to stop it from clumping and turning ‘muddy’.

Contouring your face helps to add definition and sculpt out your best features. Try contouring with bronzer in the shape of a 3 on each side of your face for a natural bronzed look. 

Dirty brushes 
Using dirty brushes is just a straight up no-no. Make up brushes that are caked in product not only affects application but it’s also unhygienic and makes you breakout. Cleaning dirty brushes can literally take no more than 10 mins on a Sunday night. Use Johnson’s baby shampoo, rinse, and leave them overnight to dry out.

Eye colour
You probably never really considered doing your make up around your eye colour before but in fact, matching certain colours together can help make your eyes pop. For example, purple eyeshadow and eyeliner compliments green eyes perfectly. 

We’ve all been there  **cough cough, Year 8 & 9 days, cough cough** and owned a foundation that was way too dark for our skin colour. The best way to find out your true foundation shade is to match it to the colour of your neck. 

I’m sure most of you already know that grooming your eyebrows is super important. Pluck out any stray hairs, trim the length and use a spoolie brush in order to get them eyebrows on fleek (yes, I really did just say that).

Everyone’s favourite part of their make up routine – it’s the gift from the Gods. Apply a subtle amount on top of your cheekbones, end of your nose, forehead and cupids bow for a healthy glow.

Inner corners
The inner corners of your eyelids are made for brighter, lighter shades of colour. When doing eyeshadow, be sure to use a lighter colour in the inner corner to make you look more awake. 

If you love a defined jawline, bronzing and contouring can help you achieve just that… say a temporary goodbye to that double chin.

Kylie Jenner lips
Thanks to Kylie, every girl now lusts after bigger, plumper lips. To achieve natural, kissable Kylie Jenner lips try gently exfoliating your lips with your toothbrush and coating them in a lip balm. You can also try using lip plumping glosses and over-lining your lips with lip liner – just don’t go too crazy!

Lip Liner
I often get compliments about my everyday lip colour and questioned how it stays on for so long. The secret is to use a lip liner and fill in your entire lips. Leave it as it is for a matte look or add a lip balm or gloss over the top for a glossier lip. 

Face, body, everywhere. It’s the key to healthy, young, smooth skin. Applying a face moisturiser before your make up also makes foundation apply smoother and stay on for longer. 

Never overpluck
As mentioned in a previous blog, I have learnt not to overpluck my eyebrows. Make sure you follow the natural shape of your eyebrows and pluck only the stray hairs. If you’re not sure, get a professional to do it. 

Oily skin
For my oily skinned girls, using a matte primer before you apply make up and a matte powder to finish your make up is a great way to control oily skin throughout the day. You can keep some oil blotting paper handy too, you know, just in case. 

Pressed powder
A saviour after a long, sweaty day. As I just mentioned, pressed powder is great for a matte finish and to top up your makeup when you begin to get sweaty and oily.

Q-tips (aka cotton buds)
I live by these. If you mess up or smudge your make up, take a cotton bud, dampen it and correct the area. They are also great to blend out eyebrow powders and creams.

This is probably one of the most basic and most obvious tips but it is still so important. Make sure you remove your make up and cleanse your face properly each and every time to avoid clogging your pores and breakouts. Coconut oil is a great way to remove even the toughest of products.

Setting spray
If you’re heading out on a long day or a crazy night out and you want your make up to stay put then invest in a setting spray. Spritz your face when you’ve completed your make up routine and it will surely stay in place all day/night long. 

This is a great hack if you’re going for an au natural, no make up look but still want to be bronzed and have defined cheekbones. Apply a tiny amount of fake tan or tinted moisturiser to your cheeks as you would when doing contour. Leave for a few hours and wash off and you’ll have a naturally tanned, contoured face.

Under eye bags
If like me you suffer from outrageous under eye bags then you’ll know the importance of concealer. Apply in a downwards triangle after your foundation and blend. You can also use things such as green and red colour correctors in order to cancel out any dark tones. 

Another essential. Apply a layer of vaseline to your lips every night before bed for luscious, smooth lips. 

If you like to line your waterline for a more dramatic eye look then try using a waterproof eyeliner and then pat it with a dark eyeshadow to ensure that it stays put all day. 

X – as in the biggest makeup mistake 
Not blending your foundation down in to your neck is a dead giveaway and not a very nice look. although I’m sure we’ve all made this faux pas, especially when in a morning rush. Make sure you blend all the way down and under to avoid dark streaks along your jawline. 

Make YouTube your best friend. I learnt how to do most of my make up as well as picked up secret little tips and tricks by religiously watching tutorials.

Last but not least my most favourite of the bunch – sleep! ‘Beauty sleep’ is a real thing and is the key to keeping a youthful, glowing look so my advice is to make sure you’re getting all the hours you need!

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