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13 things I can’t live without

Do you know what your most beloved items are? Do you think you could ever live without them? 
Much like everyone else in my generation, I have a very long wish-list of items I desperately want. I’ve become accustomed to the modern day, spoiled, materialistic lifestyle but to be honest, who hasn’t? So, let’s forget the blatantly obvious, such as friends, family, food and hygiene, here’s 13 (slightly materialistic) things that I can’t live without…
No matter where I go, no matter what I am doing, I always make sure I have lip gloss with me. In fact, the bottom of most of my handbags are littered with four or five different lip glosses, lipsticks or lip balms. I can’t stand having dry, colourless lips so if you’re ever in need of an emergency lippy, I’m your go-to girl!

I feel like dressing gowns are so underrated and unappreciated. My dressing gown is literally my everything. Cold? Shove on a dressing gown. Can’t be bothered to get dressed just yet? Dressing gown. Feeling down and lonely? DRESSING GOWN! Just wrap yourself up and watch all of your problems disappear.

As much as I’d like to say that I can live without my laptop, I know for a fact, I really can’t. When it had to be sent away for repair I literally didn’t know what to do with myself. I use it for everything – blogging, music, research, TV and movies, social media, online shopping, ordering food. It is basically my life.

Another classic that is ALWAYS in my handbag – my fellow oily-skinned girls will understand why. Normally when it hits midday I begin to look like a sweaty, greasy mess as my T-zone likes to make an unwanted shiny appearance. I like to have my powder in close reach so I can sort out that issue and re-mattify my face.

If you’re lucky enough to have known me since I was young you would know that I pretty much have a pack of chewing gum on me at all times. At school, my blazer pockets would be crammed with some good ol’ Tropical Trident. I still tend to buy gum religiously so I guess I never really broke the habit, but hey, at least I’ll never have bad breath.

The key to life. Like most people I know, I discovered the art of napping while at university. Since then, naps have become a part of my daily routine, as and when possible.

​Probably the most sentimental items that I can’t live without. Each and every day, without fail, I’ll wear my three rings and my silver necklace. All the jewellery means something to me and if I were ever to lose them I would probably cry. Even just leaving the house without them on doesn’t feel right.

This one is a given. It would be very weird for me to live in a world without music. It’s the first thing I put on when I wake up and the last thing I listen to before I go to sleep at night. There’s a song out there to match every mood, emotion, feeling, situation and memory, which is exactly why I need music in my life.

Mateeee. Any food is good with me but I could eat southern fried chicken all day, erryday. Put it in a wrap, in a bun, in a salad, on it’s own with hella sauce. It’s the best.

As much as I love a wild night out, I also love, love, love a night in, cozied up with blankets, pizza, a decent movie and cuddles. Nowadays I actually live for nights in, they’re how I regain my energy.

This one is kind of a pet peeve for me. I genuinely can’t go a day with unpainted nails. It just makes me feel as though I haven’t got my sh*t together.

An oversized hoodie/jumper could probably pass as my signature look – I own that many. You just can’t go wrong with an oversized hoodie – it’s comfort, style and warmth all rolled in to one.


Last but not least, I love a good, spontaneous adventure. Whether it’s a random road trip with friends, a quick getaway or simply walking a different way home. I live for adventures and random memories, they’re what makes life that little bit more exciting. 


So there we have it! I’d love to know some of the things you can’t live without, maybe they’re similar or completely different to my list. Feel free to drop a comment down below!

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