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7 best scents for Spring

Looking for a fresh and floral scent to spritz yourself with this Spring? I’ve compiled a list with some of my personal favourite fragrances.

Amongst my other beauty and fashion obsessions – trainers, makeup, coats and jackets – I’m also quite the perfume collector. Although I’d put myself down as more of a musky, oriental kind of gal, you can’t go wrong with a crisp, sweet, floral scent for the Spring and Summer seasons.

So, here’s a round up of my personal faves that I will most definitely be lathering all over myself this Spring.



Jokes aside, I genuinely think I am the number one fan of Zara perfume. I legit have nearly every fragrance and I love, love, love them all – they all smell so amazing, are so affordable and are long-lasting. The Zara Fruity fragrance is one of my favourites for Spring time as it is pretty much what is says on the box – fruity and floral, probably because of its tangerine, vanilla, grapefruit and redcurrant tones. I’d say this is most definitely a must have for an everyday perfume for the Spring season.



This perfume is great if you want a light, airy spritz. First of all, I love the fact that this perfume is baby pink with a rose design, it makes it all the more girly. The scent of Davidoff isn’t as strong as others, but it is most definitely fresh and summery. You can certainly smell the rose and citrus notes. I like to wear this one when I’m just bumming round and chilling out on a sunny Spring day as it’s a smell that is not so ‘in your face’.



If you find yourself having a spring/summer romance then Ghost Sweetheart has to be your go to perfume! To me this what a feminine and fresh perfume is all about, and out of all that are listed here, I’d say it’s the perfume that is more on the musky side while still being fruity. With its lemon, pineapple and minty spice scent I can guarantee you will get endless compliments (and a second date).



Throwing it back slightly here to the days when the smell of Hollister meant everything (it still lowkey does). Whenever, I wear this I feel like a true Californian girl and as if I should be going on a summer adventure. This scent is fairly citrus-y with some subtle floral notes and a hint of musk. Again, another great everyday perfume if you don’t want to waste the expensive stuff!​



I first bought this perfume when I was in Gran Canaria and I was a big fan. To me it’s a reminder of holiday sun, sea and sand and I’ve already gone and finished off two bottles. In my opinion, this perfume has quite a unique, summery smell. It’s very different to the other floral scents in the sense that is smells quite powdery. It still has notes of flowers and citrus fruits however I would say it’s a bit more creamy (personally I think it smells like parma violets!). 



One of the more high-end perfumes but totally worth it. The Jimmy Choo perfume is a lot sweeter and more intense than the others and it is most definitely long-wearing. It’s warm and rich but completely fresh and feminine. It contains notes of pear nectar and orange and has some base notes of toffee to give it that slight musk. This is one I would pick if I were going on a night out or to a summer BBQ.​



Possibly the cutest bottle of perfume out there and perfect for display. Light and airy, floral and fruity is how I would describe Daisy Dream. Blackberry, grapefruit and pear are the fruits used to create this fragrance, as well as some undertones of jasmine and coconut water. I really am a fan of Marc Jacobs perfume and this is a perfect little bottle to add to your Spring collection.

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